Enterprise IP Management

A competitive landscape and shortened time-to-market window have redefined the manner in which IPs are created and used in the semiconductor industry. Design companies are gearing up by increasing the use of IPs in SoC designs to considerably reduce the design development cycle. Along with the growth in the supply and use of third-party IPs, semiconductor companies are also realizing the need to create IPs from the SoC designs they develop themselves, and to reuse those IPs in other SoC designs within the company. As a result of the increase in IPs being bought or developed internally, a critical need has arisen for an easy-to-use process by which designers can create, update, search, compare and reuse IPs.

The IP Management system from ClioSoft is part of the SOS7 platform and provides a mechanism by which designers can easily create or update IPs, deposit them into a central repository and help proliferate IP usage. It enables semiconductor companies to manage and track internally developed or third party IPs and any open issues they may have.

The SOS7 platform provides an eco-system where designers can manage their design data during the development cycle and subsequently publish new IPs or update already-existing IPs, classify IPs into the desired categories and search for IPs as needed. Designers searching for IPs can review the SoCs in which the IPs have taped out and check the quality of the IPs by executing the verification scripts.

To track and manage the different versions of an IP, as well its defects, the SOS7 platform couples the IP Management system with the revision control and bug tracking systems. It also provides the ability to manage the proliferation of the IPs and restrict each as needed to specific groups of users.

The IP Management system from ClioSoft is included within the SOS7 platform and does not require a separate license.