ClioSoft at CDN Live 2017

ClioSoft’s SOS design data and IP management platform is integrated with tools from various EDA vendors, providing a cohesive design environment for all types of digital, analog, RF and mixed-signal designs. SOS facilitates multi-site design collaboration and includes, among other features, integrated revision control, release and derivative management and interfaces to commonly-used bug tracking systems. Tool flows into which SOS is integrated include those from Cadence Design Systems®, Keysight Technologies, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys®.

At CDN Live, ClioSoft will showcase how the tight coupling of SOS with the Cadence® Virtuoso® platform empowers design engineers to manage mixed-signal design data directly from the Virtuoso cockpit. This enables design teams to be efficient while reducing the possibility of design re-spins due to incorrect configurations.

ClioSoft will also demonstrate Visual Design Diff (VDD) software, which enables users to quickly compare design differences in schematics, layout and RTL by graphically highlighting the differences. A hierarchical diff option allows all differences for the entire design hierarchy below the selected view to be flagged. To view a ClioSoft/Cadence webinar showcasing improved collaboration within dispersed design teams using Cadence Virtuoso libraries, PDKs, and design IPs, click here.

To get more information about the SOS and VDD products, catch up with ClioSoft at any of the following CDN Live events or contact any ClioSoft worldwide distributor.









About ClioSoft Inc.

The SOS platform from ClioSoft is the leading design data and IP management platform for hardware design engineers. The only data management platform built for digital, analog, RF and mixed-signal designs, SOS empowers design teams located in single or multiple design centers to collaborate efficiently on their designs.

IP Management from ClioSoft helps semiconductor companies catalog and manage various internal and third-party IPs thereby improving design reuse within a company. With an easy-to-use administration and user cockpit, ClioSoft provides enterprise-level IP Management to manage the process of creating IPs and their derivatives, their lineage, IP licensing, security, issue and defect tracking.