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Together with Keysight, we will offer the same industry-leading revision control and data and IP management solutions on all our currently supported EDA platforms.

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Synopsys and Cliosoft

What’s New

Automotive Supply Chain Strength Demands Tech Collaboration


Simon Rance, Director of Design Data and IP Management, discusses vehicle software applications with OEMs, and Chris Mueth, Digital Twin Program Manager, shares Keysight’s automotive engineering lifecycle.

The Power of IP Blocks in Silicon Chip Design


Amit Varde, Director of Solutions Strategy at Keysight, elaborates on the IP-based methodologies to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and drive continuous improvement in silicon chip development when dealing with third-party, corporate, or community IPs.

Keysight EDA Visit at DAC 2023


Daniel Payne, Consultant at Marketing EDA, shares what he learned about Keysight EDA Software and the Keysight/Cliosoft acquisition during his appointment with Simon Rance and Stephen Slater at DAC, Keysight booth #1531.

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Synopsys and Cliosoft

Featured Videos

Boosting Data Management System Performance


Marios Karatzias, Application Engineer at Cliosoft, talks about the increasing use and re-use of IP in designs, how to best keep track of that IP, and how to optimize the performance of the data management system to deal with IP in heterogeneous chips.

Cataloging IP in the Enterprise


Pedro Pires, Applications Engineer at Cliosoft, looks at how IP currently is cataloged, why it’s been so difficult to do this in the past, and how AI can be used to speed up and simplify this process.

Network Storage Optimization for IP


Prathna Sekar, Technical Account Manager at Cliosoft, talks about managing large quantities of data, particularly as colleagues are checking in data during the design process, how to organize that data, and how to reduce the amount that needs to be stored.

Blog Highlights

How Gamification Improves Semiconductor Intellectual Property Reuse


This article discusses how crowdsourcing and gamification can improve semiconductor IP reuse and provide examples of how companies have successfully implemented these strategies.

Maximize 3rd Party IP Investment


This article discusses how organizations can maximize the value and life cycle of IP assets they have licensed or developed in-house.

How Cliosoft Became the Leading Design Data Management Company


Dan and Srinath explore the original focus for Cliosoft and how that has expanded over the years.


Unleashing Full Analog Design and Simulation Environment on Optimized Cloud
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