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Boosting Data Management System Performance

Marios Karatzias, application engineer at Cliosoft, talks with Semiconductor Engineering about the increasing use and re-use of IP in designs, how to best keep track of that IP, and how to optimize the performance of the data management system to deal with IP in heterogeneous chips.

Cataloging IP in the Enterprise

Many companies have no way of documenting where IP they license is actually used, which version of that IP is being utilized, and whether that license extends to other projects or even to their customers. Pedro Pires, applications engineer at ClioSoft, looks at how IP currently is cataloged, why it’s been so difficult to do this in the past, and how AI can be used to speed up and simplify this process.

SemiWiki Podcast How Cliosoft Became the Leading Design Data Management Company

Dan and Srinath explore the original focus for Cliosoft and how that has expanded over the years.

Blog Highlights

How Gamification Improves Semiconductor Intellectual Property Reuse

This article will discuss how crowdsourcing and gamification can improve semiconductor IP reuse and provide examples of how companies have successfully implemented these strategies.

Blog Post Keep EDA Cloud Deployment Simple

Challenges of using the cloud for IC design

Blog Post Maximize the Value of Your 3rd Party IP Investment

Maximize value through IP reuse