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    Software Engineer


      This is a challenging role for a R&D engineer working on a product for engineering team collaboration. As an engineer working as part of this team, you should be able understand user requirements and define/refine the user experience to implement in the product. You will have an opportunity to make significant impact to the product as well as take the leadership initiatives to grow into the position of the project lead.

      Preferred Location

      • SF-Bay Area, CA
      • Austin, TX

      Job Requirements

      You should have good experience in full-stack web development with the latest best practices in web technologies. Requirements include
      Minimum Qualifications
      • Software engineering and architecture
      • 2+ years of Web-based software development experience
      • Working knowledge of Web-based API such as REST, SOAP etc.
      • Good English communication skills.
      • Ability to work independently with little guidance.
      Preferred Qualifications
      • Prior experience with developing and maintaining software daemons.
      • Familiarity with version control and configuration management
      • Familiarity with electronics design and EDA tools.
      • Familiarity with System Administration/Linux Daemons.
      • Experience with C++ Boost libraries.
      • Familiarity with Web Front-end development with Frameworks like AngularJS.

      Technologies Used

      • Frontend:
        • Web Stack - Angular JS, Python/Django.
        • Python UI frameworks such as WxPython, PyQt, PyGTK.
      • Backend:
        • Languages - C++, Python
        • Libraries - Django, Django Rest Framework for API, C++ Boost libraries

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