Join us for the upcoming ClioSoft webinar training series on the SOS7 design management platform. The training will cover various nuances of managing SoC designs and IPs with the aid of intuitive examples on common scenarios.

The SOS7 design and IP management platform from ClioSoft is the ONLY platform, which provides a cohesive design environment for RF, analog, digital and mixed-signal designs. It is integrated with tools from all major EDA providers.

Registration is free for all ClioSoft customers. You can register for the training at the ClioSoft support portal.

Upcoming training topics include

August 8, 2017
11:00 am PST
SOS design data mgmt. & Visual Design Diff (VDD)
Learn the basic concepts and terminologies of SOS7 and the Visual Design Diff (VDD) tools.
September 12, 2017
11:00 am PST
SOS7 with Keysight ADS
This is an overview of the SOS7 design management platform with emphasis on use with the Keysight ADS Interface


About ClioSoft Inc.

The SOS platform from ClioSoft is the leading design data and IP management platform for hardware design engineers. The only data management platform built for digital, analog, RF and mixed signal designs, SOS empowers design teams located in single or multiple design centers to collaborate efficiently on their designs.

IP Management from ClioSoft helps semiconductor companies catalog and manage internal and third-party IPs, providing an easy-to-use administration and user cockpit to manage the process of creating IPs and their derivatives, their lineage, IP licensing, security, and issue and defect tracking.