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We built Cliosoft VDD for schematic & layout engineers and to make ECO reviews easier.

schematic engineer

Find differences between two versions of a schematic. Communicate the changes to the layout engineer with an automated diff report. 

layout engineer

Keep your layout in sync with the latest version of a schematic.

eco design reviews

Know what to review at ECO review meetings – everything is reported, nothing is overlooked. 


I no longer have to wonder "What changed?"

With ClioSoft Visual Diff, I no longer have to wonder “What changed?”. I can see it. …


I put ClioSoft's new "Visual Design Diff" tool in the "best" category.

I put ClioSoft’s new “Visual Design Diff” tool in the “best” category. The color-based views of schematic and layout differences should help the designer with some “eye-popping” visual queues to the different versions. This is very helpful for solving human errors…


So it was a nice change to be able to see results so quickly!

One tool I really loved to see was the Visual Design Diff, from ClioSoft. In my company, we use XORs all the time in our verification flow, so it was a nice change to be able to see results so quickly…


Cliosoft VDD helps schematic and layout engineers collaborate and ensure that the latest schematics and layouts are 100% in sync. A schematic engineer can make changes to the schematic without keeping notes to report to the layout engineer. The layout engineer can see all the changes precisely without any help from the designer and can modify the layout to match the latest schematic changes. 



Cliosoft VDD allows you to review your changes before check-in by automatically generating a report that is 100% accurate. Every change is outlined, even cosmetic changes between the new version of your schematic or layout vs. the old version. You also have the ability to suppress cosmetic changes and not show them. 


Cliosoft VDD makes preparation for ECO review meetings easy. Automatically generate reports outlining all the changes ahead of your next ECO review meeting with management. Nothing is missed and everything is reported for you.

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