Visit us in booth #519 at the 53rd Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Austin to learn about our industry-standard SoC design and IP management solutions. Come and see why the SOS platform is the design collaboration system of choice for analog, RF, digital and mixed-signal designs at several large semiconductor companies such as Analog Devices, Google and TSMC. Learn what is new in IP management and how you can improve IP reuse in your company to build SoCs faster.

SOS Design Management Platform

Is it challenging to collaborate with different teams for your mixed-signal SoCs? Are you having problems managing design handoffs between team members located locally or across multiple sites? Are your engineers spending too much time investigating changes made to the design or ensuring that they have the latest design data? Come and see how the SOS7 design management platform is being used by numerous customers for collaboration on all analog, RF, digital and mixed-signal designs to increase greatly their designer productivity and team efficiency.

SOS IP Management

Are you having a challenging time managing your internal and third-party IPs? Is your design team having difficulty in determining the right IP for your SoC? Do you want to have an easy-to-use, well-defined system that allows you to accelerate the creation of SoCs by using third-party or internally developed IPs within your company? Visit us to see how you can use, share and track IPs across the company to build new SoCs faster.

Visual Design Diff

Does your design team struggle to identify modifications made to the schematic or layout by other team members? Are you having problems reviewing the changes in your schematic or layout during ECOs? See how you can use Visual Design Diff (VDD) to graphically compare different versions of a schematic or layout and to quickly highlight the differences even when the schematic is modified by a RF designer.


Do you feel that IPs can be better utilized across your company? Are you having problems with unauthorized third- party IP usage? Do you want to use an ecosystem that will help you save money as well as streamline IP development and usage? Join us for a sneak preview to see how you can efficiently utilize your design teams to produce SoCs faster. Learn how enterprise intelligence is unleashed to enable better design team collaboration and reduce design cycle time.