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ClioSoft provides a configurable platform for design data & IP management for SoC designs.

The SOS design management platform streamlines the SoC design process by enhancing design collaboration and communication between team members located either locally or at geographically dispersed design sites. SOS facilitates efficient and accurate sharing and management of design data throughout the entire SoC life cycle, from concept to tape-out. By removing the inefficiencies in design collaboration on complex work flows, SOS improves the productivity of design teams and mitigates the risk of requiring a mask re-spin due to configuration errors.

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With designers at different locations and multiple sources of design data, it becomes necessary to manage the data properly to ensure a seamless design flow with smooth handoffs without compromising on robustness or performance. The SOS platform helps designers to manage the design data within their own workspaces while optimizing the network storage used by it. It also helps manage the design handoffs between different groups of the design team by enabling them to set up their own customizable handshake protocol. Designers and design management alike can leverage the rich reporting capability in SOS to manage the different versions and snapshots of design data as well as to ensure that the correct revision of the design is being used by all team members. Created designs also can be published and reused using the IP management feature in SOS.

SoC Design Flow Integration

DM Chapter

The SOS architecture has been exclusively designed to handle the unique requirements of SoC design flows and is therefore unhindered by the limitations often faced by software configuration management systems. It provides design teams the flexibility to choose the way they work, share and collaborate with team members without being unduly concerned about the design location, data size, performance or robustness of the design data platform.

SOS provides a customizable platform to enable design teams develop a formal collaboration process between designers located at any number of design centers. Without the presence of a design data management system and formal collaboration process, a lot of time is spent on needless communication trying to identify “what was changed by whom.” This often leads to a big loss of productivity for engineers and creates spurious errors, which can take considerable time to rectify.

SOS can be used on all types of analog, mixed signal, RF and digital designs across the entire SoC life cycle from concept to GDSII.