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We built Cliosoft SOS for hardware design & configuration management.

hardware designer

Create or update, release & notify IP and designs with complete control & management directly from your design tool.


hardware integrator

Receive notifications of updated IP and designs to help guide selection, updates and integration.


Review changes, analyze conflicts, and approve releases – easily.


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Cliosoft’s SOS design data management platform is very useful for collaboration among our designers in Vietnam, the USA, China and Japan. It ensures that the design data is automatically synced up at all sites without any penalty on performance or engineering effort. Their SOS data management ...

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Cliosoft's data management collaboration platform has helped us manage design data from digital, analog, and RF teams at multiple sites, improving design team productivity as we develop high-performance CMOS RF and mixed-signal semiconductors for the cellular industry. The ...

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SOS is the most intuitive source control user-interface we've tried. Our engineers are up and running in minutes rather than hours - without any training on the product whatsoever. While it is difficult to put quantitative numbers on a product like this, we are certain that our time spent in ...

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We have been extremely satisfied and delighted with the SOS Software for Configuration Management from Cliosoft. It enabled the design teams to improve collaboration in designing Analog, Digital and Mixed-Signal chips with confidence and efficiency without compromising performance. ...

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In all my years in IT (almost 20) I've never received technical support from a company that is as good as what I've got from Cliosoft. I have used a bunch of different revision tools (RCS, RVS, SCCS, Subversion, Arch, Vss, SourceGear's Vault, DesignSync), and though most are open source, ...

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At Elmos, we design and manufacture ISO26262 compliant SoCs for the automotive industry. Since 2014 we have been using Cliosoft’s SOS design management platform to collaborate between designers located at multiple sites and improve the productivity of our design teams. Robustness of ...

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Cliosoft's SOS data management platform has helped us collaborate between designers located at multiple sites and improve the productivity of our design teams. Performance of SOS across sites has proved great even via slow WAN links thanks to local cache servers. Their tight integration with EDA tools ...

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Apart from the obvious advantage of design groups from different parts of the world being able to collaborate on a single project by using the SOS hardware configuration platform, VDD enables us to manage ECOs better by letting us see changes in layout and schematic across different versions ...

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Lattice Semiconductor prides itself on the ability to design ultra-low power, small form factor, customizable connectivity and control solutions for a variety of markets. We accelerate our customer's time to market with products that offer innovative features and competitive differentiation. Cliosoft's ...

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Cliosoft's SOS design management platform has helped us collaborate efficiently between designers located at multiple sites and improve the productivity of our design teams.
Cliosoft's SOS design management collaboration platform has empowered our global design teams ...

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After using Cliosoft`s SOS for many years we adopted the software also in our start-up team. Its ease of use and high reliability make it a natural choice for us. Even though we are working now in a much smaller team we believe that data management is essential for the design-process ...

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DALSA uses Cliosoft's SOS Design Collaboration Platform to help us manage shared design data among design teams world-wide, during the active design process. The product has definitely helped our productivity as we design, develop, and manufacture digital imaging products and solutions, ...

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With Cliosoft Visual Diff, I no longer have to wonder "What changed?". I can see it. ...

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Cliosoft's SOS design management platform has helped us collaborate efficiently between designers located at multiple sites and improve the productivity of our design teams.
Synopsys is the number one provider of embedded non-volatile memory with antifuse technology and is ...

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Synaptics has been using Cliosoft SOS and SOS with DF2 interface for three years. During this time, the user pool has gone from 16 to 100. Almost 20% of the company has accessed Cliosoft SOS either through the SOS command line, SOS revision control of text files, SOS revision control via Cadence DF2, ...

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To develop best-in-class solutions for the automotive industry, an ISO 26262-certified design management platform is a must. Last year we adopted Cliosoft’s SOS design management platform and found it to be a scalable and configurable solution that meets our requirements of ...

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We've found that a DM infrastructure, properly defined and executed, increases the likelihood of first-pass silicon success by decreasing mistakes caused by the use of obsolete data. Cliosoft's new SOS platform should help us share data and greatly ease the task of moving personnel between ...

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My company has eight design offices distributed across America and Europe developing chips for Network Communications Ultra Low Power markets. I am responsible for the EDA Infrastructure within the company. We have used SOS as our standard configuration management solution for several ...

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Revision Control Features


Cliosoft SOS helps hardware design engineers manage hardware designs and projects from concept to tapeout. Unlike software engineers that use software configuration tools such as Git, Subversion, and Perforce to manage the large number of text files in software design, hardware engineers choose Cliosoft SOS to manage the large number of large design files in hardware design. Cliosoft SOS helps you archive large files optimally such as GDS or simulation waveforms and is scalable, flexible, and secure. Advanced revision control with release and derivative design management along with interfaces to issue tracking software make Cliosoft SOS unrivaled.



Cliosoft SOS optimizes network storage without proprietary hardware or operating/file system changes. Built for integrated circuit (IC) design where a design project typically contains thousands of very large files, Cliosoft SOS optimizes workspaces and uses cache servers to save disk space. Duplication is eliminated and only files being edited are placed as physical copies in the user workspace. Network storage is optimized and IT spending is reduced. 

Storage Optimization


Cliosoft SOS integrates tightly with hardware design tools from all major EDA vendors such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor, Tanner and Keysight Technologies. For hardware designers using software configuration tools such as Git, Subversion and Perforce, Cliosoft SOS includes connectors to seamlessly integrate. 


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