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Managing IP In Heterogeneous Designs

Pedro Pires, applications engineer at Cliosoft, talks about the implications of IP reuse in a complex, multi-IP context, including how different standards and database formats can affect IP tracking and why an interoperability layer is essential to tracking IP and support documentation throughout its lifecycle.

Boosting Data Management System Performance

Marios Karatzias, application engineer at Cliosoft, talks with Semiconductor Engineering about the increasing use and re-use of IP in designs, how to best keep track of that IP, and how to optimize the performance of the data management system to deal with IP in heterogeneous chips.

Cataloging IP in the Enterprise

Many companies have no way of documenting where IP they license is actually used, which version of that IP is being utilized, and whether that license extends to other projects or even to their customers. Pedro Pires, applications engineer at ClioSoft, looks at how IP currently is cataloged, why it’s been so difficult to do this in the past, and how AI can be used to speed up and simplify this process.

The Risk Of Losing Track Of Your IP

What happens when you misuse IP, intentionally or otherwise? Pedro Pires, applications engineer at Cliosoft, talks about the challenges of keeping track of IP across multiple chip design projects, which can grow to include dozens of third-party IP blocks, last for long periods of years, and span multiple continents.

Network Storage Optimization For IP

Prathna Sekar, technical account manager at Cliosoft, talks with Semiconductor Engineering about managing large quantities of data, particularly as colleagues are checking in data during the design process, how to organize that data, and how to reduce the amount that needs to be stored.

Challenges in IP Reuse

Jeff Markham, software architect at Cliosoft, explains why IP reuse is so important in advanced process node SoC chip designs, what companies need to keep track of when working with third-party IP, and how it needs to be characterized.

Visualizing Differences In Analog Design

Prathna Sekar, technical account manager at Cliosoft, talks with Semiconductor Engineering about the challenges of managing analog versus digital IP, including how to deal with dozens or even hundreds of versions of a schematic, and why visualization is so important for identifying changes and updates to analog designs.

IP Based Digital Design Management That Goes Beyond The Basics

Learn why common design management capabilities are not enough and what next generation capabilities are needed for IP based digital design management.

Improve BOM Management & Increase IP Traceability

Learn how to improve Bill-of-Materials (BOM) Management while increasing IP Traceability & document tracking for better design project execution.

Designing on AWS

See examples & best-practice architectures for cloud-based EDA, including use-cases inside and outside of Amazon as AI and IoT, in the cloud & at the edge, driving a need for rapid innovation in semiconductor devices.

The New Trend In IP Traceability That IP Developers and Design Managers Rely On

Learn how to get IP traceability right from IP release to handoff & propagate those changes to the rest of the team.

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