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Cliosoft SOS for analog and mixed-signal design teams using Cadence® Virtuoso® Platform.


Cliosoft SOS integrated natively into the library manager to manage design data including IPs, PDKs etc from concept-to-tapeout.

no replication of binary data

Cliosoft SOS integrates seamlessly and natively with Cadence Virtuoso so there is no replication of binary data.

Composite design object recognition

Cliosoft SOS recognizes and handle composite design objects made of multiple files.

Easy Command Access

Easy access to design management commands from the library manager or any Cadence Virtuoso editor.


Auto Check-In/Out

Cadence Virtuoso Platform integration provides auto check-in and check-out.


Powerful Query & Visualization

Feature rich design manager for advanced operation with powerful query and visualization. 


Application-specific Operations

Design management operations by design hierarchy or category.


SOS is the most intuitive source control user-interface we've tried.

Our engineers are up and running in minutes rather than hours – without any training on the product whatsoever. While it is difficult to put quantitative numbers on a product like this…


Very useful for collaboration.

ClioSoft’s SOS design data management platform is very useful for collaboration among our designers in Vietnam, the USA, China and Japan. It ensures that the design data is automatically synced up at all sites without any penalty on performance or engineering effort…

Manage design data from digital, analog, & RF teams at multiple sites.

ClioSoft’s data management collaboration platform has helped us manage design data from digital, analog, and RF teams at multiple sites, improving design team productivity as we develop high-performance CMOS RF and mixed-signal semiconductors for the cellular industry…



Cliosoft SOS helps hardware design engineers manage hardware designs and projects from concept to tapeout. Unlike software engineers that use software configuration tools such as Git, Subversion, and Perforce to manage the large number of text files in software design, hardware engineers choose Cliosoft SOS to manage the large number of large design files in hardware design. Cliosoft SOS helps you archive large files optimally such as GDS or simulation waveforms and is scalable, flexible, and secure. Advanced revision control with release and derivative design management along with interfaces to issue tracking software make Cliosoft SOS unrivaled.



Cliosoft SOS optimizes network storage without proprietary hardware or operating/file system changes. Built for integrated circuit (IC) design where a design project typically contains thousands of very large files, Cliosoft SOS optimizes workspaces and uses cache servers to save disk space. Duplication is eliminated and only files being edited are placed as physical copies in the user workspace. Network storage is optimized and IT spending is reduced. 


Cliosoft SOS integrates tightly with hardware design tools from all major EDA vendors such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor, Tanner and Keysight Technologies. For hardware designers using software configuration tools such as Git, Subversion and Perforce, Cliosoft SOS includes connectors to seamlessly integrate. 


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