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Senior Software Engineer


This is a challenging role for a R&D engineer with C/C++ background having some experience with EDA software development. As an engineer working for this team, you should be able to architect, design and develop major components of ClioSoft's SOS design data management and collaboration platform. You should be able to use high level marketing requirements to define product features and lead other developers to implement and deliver a high quality product. Some knowledge of Electronic Design Automation tools and flows would be useful.

Preferred Location

SF-Bay Area, CA
Austin, TX

Job Requirements

The applicant should have good experience in full-stack web development with the latest best practices in web technologies. Requirements include:

Minimum Qualifications
  • BSEE or BSCS with 5+ years work experience
  • Extensive C/C++ software development experience on Linux & Windows
  • Strength in algorithms and data-structures
  • Experience with DBs such as Postgresql and SQLite
  • Experience with C++ Boost libraries.
  • Experience with low level system calls - sockets, file operations, etc.
  • GUI design and development
  • Shell scripting languages including TCL, Python, Perl
  • Familiarity with EDA (Electronics Design Automation) tools and flows
  • Good English communication skills
  • Interest in working directly with customers and partners
  • Ability to work independently with little guidance
  • Meticulous and high quality programming style

Technologies Used

  • Languages - C++, Python, Tcl, Perl
  • Libraries - Rest Framework for API, C++ Boost libraries