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Unlocking The Secrets For Faster AMS Simulations

Presented by Steve Lewis, Marketing Director, Cadence Designs Systems

Increased design complexity in AMS designs along with an increase in the number of design engineers spread across multi sites makes it difficult for designers to deliver successful tapeouts within the ever shortening design schedules.To help design engineers meet the challenges, Cadence & ClioSoft have worked together to provide solutions to tackle the design complexity as well as collaborate efficiently on successful tapeouts.

Join us for a talk by Steve Lewis, Director of Marketing from Cadence Designs Systems to learn about the new analog design suite - Virtuoso® ADE Explorer, Virtuoso® ADE Assembler, Virtuoso® Variation Option and the Virtuoso® ADE Verifier - and the new Maestro view. Learn from the webinar to see how Virtuoso IC6.1.7 can meet your design requirements and allows users to flexibly select the product that best supports their design goals as they move through the design flow. This will be accompanied by a presentation from Karim Khalfan, Director Application Engineering at ClioSoft showcasing the tight integration of the SOS7 design management platform with the Cadence Virtuoso platform, including support for maestro views and the improved performance using IC6.1.7.

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