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Using A Collaborative Ecosystem To Develop SoCs Faster

Are you facing a challenge, being in sync with your team members on different aspects of SoC development such as specifications, IP integration, project schedules etc.? Do you sometimes wonder about a project resolution but are unable to find any discussions supplementing the decision? Would you like to have all SoC design information including discussions securely available at one location, accessible as needed? Do you yearn for an easy alternative to quickly select the most suitable IP based on the experience of designers within your company? To better manage royalties & liabilities, do you want to track third party IP usage in all the SoCs being developed in your company?

Join the webinar to see how design teams can collaborate efficiently on their designs and leverage internally developed resources – semiconductor IPs, flows, scripts etc. to build SoCs successfully with shorter development cycles by using designHUB. Learn how you can use the designHUB ecosystem to quickly qualify and select the most suitable IPs needed for your SoC, collaborate to create new SoCs or IPs, interact with the IP developers for any issues found, or manage your design project by easily keeping track of all project related information including discussions and resolutions. designHUB enables you to track SoC projects and IPs alike throughout your enterprise, set up custom workflows for checks to prevent IP theft as well as leverage a growing knowledge-base to enable shorter and efficient development cycles.

The designHUB platform can be customized easily to ensure all the desired design information is easily accessible at your fingertips and works with all data management software such as SOS7, Perforce, Subversion and Git.

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