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IP Reference & Reuse Using ClioSoft SOS

To ease the pain of delivering flawless SoCs within near impossible time-to-market windows, design teams dispersed across multiple design centers have to execute efficiently. Design architects partition their SoCs into smaller IP subsystems, where the subsystems are either designed and delivered or leveraged from an existing IP. As dispersed design teams become the norm in todays designing landscape, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for both designers and design management is created by using a design data management (DDM) platform. A hardware data management system ensures that design teams can easily reference IPs with minimal access times, see all updates or bug fixes made to an IP, and communicate efficiently with other design teams.

View this webinar recording to see how ClioSofts SOS design data management system enables teams to easily manage and integrate IP subsystems. Click here to see how both local and remote design teams can quickly and effectively collaborate on IP integration for SoC creation by using the SOS data management platform.

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