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SOS7 Integration For Tanner Tools

Enhanced Productivity with SOS7 Integration for Tanner Tools

Increased complexity in SoCs & PDKs coupled with tight schedules has ensured that designers are inundated with multiple versions of schematics and layout views. For large and small design teams, managing their design data efficiently is a critical component for taping out successfully. Design team managers and engineers now need quick answers to questions such as

  • How to track milestones for each block of my design such as the design is finished, layout is done, it passes DRC/LVS.
  • How was the design changed this week?
  • The design was working yesterday. What changed? Who changed it? Why?
  • What is the difference between the two versions of this layout?

Without the presence of a design data management system and a process to collaborate among designers, productivity is wasted and may result in unforeseen errors. View this webinar where we showcase a non-intrusive flow for both local and remote design teams to effectively collaborate on their IPs/SoCs by using ClioSoft's SOS7 Design Management Platform integrated with Tanner's IC Design flow.

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