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Collaborative ecosystem for faster SoC development

Design reuse within a company can be an elusive goal. Much like a mirage, solutions for design reuse appear on the horizon only to fade away quickly as designers start finding limitations when using it within their design environment. Unfortunately, with design reuse, there is no one-solution-fits-all. Any solution provided must be easy to adapt to the unique methodology requirements of their companies even as they change over time.

Given the globally competitive landscape and tight design schedules prevalent these days, IP/design reuse and effective team collaboration plays a crucial role in product success. IP selection therefore becomes a critical choice for taping out SoCs with minimal risk.

But where can you find all the IPs in your company? Should you reuse existing internal IPs or buy third-party IPs? Where do you find the internal IPs to use? Are these IPs qualified? Have they been taped out in any SoCs? What process node have they been taped out in? Which internal IPs are being used the most? Who are the users for this third-party IP? Are the third-party licenses being honored?

With a rigid solution, it becomes difficult to address the numerous nuances of design reuse. To add clarity to this conundrum and to make design reuse a reality, something must change!

The Goal

  • Find, qualify, reuse, create & share all types of design data
    All IPs (internal & 3rd party), documents, methodologies, libraries etc.

  • Manage access to IPs
    Control who can access the IPs & documents especially 3rd party IPs.

  • Easy to adapt to various design reuse methodologies
    Easy to customize and configure.

  • Robust & easy to use
    Minimal maintenance with low CAD overhead

  • Data can reside anywhere within the company
    Any data management systems, network storage etc.

The Problem

  • Lack of visibility of IPs
    IPs & design collateral gets trapped in artificial silos - Business units, physical locations, organizational structures

  • No clear licensing information for 3rd party IPs
    No easy measures to prevent unauthorized 3rd party usage

  • No mandate or infrastructure to share & reuse easily
    Restricted to a few traditional IPs; No easy way to share documents, flows, ideas

  • IP information spread across multiple applications
    Emails, meeting minutes, data management systems, issue tracking systems, notes etc.

  • Difficulty in getting help for IPs when needed
    No communication channel between IP developer and user

  • No motivation or incentives to share IPs for overworked designers
    Rigid, hard to use methodologies imposed by tools add to the lack of inclination to share and support IPs

The Solution – designHUB®

Design reuse within a company can only be successful if the solution provided is easy to use and can be customized easily as needed. Setting up an ecosystem where users can create, share and reuse easily is imperative if design reuse has to become an integral part of the company's DNA. We believe everything which can be shared and leveraged within a company must be reused. And that includes IPs (internal and 3rdparty), documents, user experiences, scripts, methodologies, libraries, ideas and even discussions. In the face of tight design schedules, increased competition and pressures to keep the product cost low, designers need all the help they can get. To ensure better efficiency, we have created an ecosystem which empowers you to collaborate easily with different users, ensure quick resolution of any queries, share and reuse all types of design collateral. Instead of scrambling across different applications to get the information you need, we have created a platform which can be easily integrated with different applications to ensure information you need is available at your fingertips.

Unleash the intelligence in your enterprise

Tap into the collective intelligence of all the users within your company
to produce remarkable results!